Photography Quotes

Photography Quotes
“Photography is a vehicle to the past”- Magda Wolna

“Practice makes perfect, so take your camera and take pictures most often as you can”- Magda Wolna

“The art of taking pictures consists of catching the fateful moments that pass over time.”- Magda Wolna

“Being in the right place at the right time is half the way to the success of capturing a great photograph; the other half is a quick reaction of pressing the shutter button on what's in front of your eyes and heart.”- Magda Wolna

“Where there is a shadow there must be light.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography is the bridge between the past and the future, so do not hesitate to capture the present.”- Magda Wolna

“The secret to good pictures in street photography lies in getting rid of the fear of photographing strangers.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography for me is an escape from reality.”- Magda Wolna

“Nowadays, where almost all are photographers having a camera phone and bombarding us with pictures from all sides in social media; it is very easy to lose your own artistic soul. Try not to copy the work of others. Be yourself, free your creative potential and trust your instincts.”- Magda Wolna

“Let yourself be carried away by the wings of imagination and creativity - then you discover who you are as an artist.”- Magda Wolna

“Knowing the depths of your soul will not only let you understand who you are as an artist now but also let you understand who you can become tomorrow.”- Magda Wolna

“You do not have to travel far away to take great street photos; they are also in the area where you live, so leave the house and grab them.”- Magda Wolna

“Only the one who really risks in life lives fully.”- Magda Wolna

“Peeling the color from the photo makes the photo take on a new light, perspective and depth.”- Magda Wolna

“Street photography is like hunting: one day you will return home empty-handed, and on the second day you will come back with a lot of prey. Cherish both days.”- Magda Wolna

“Seeing is everything in photography”. - Magda Wolna

“Look for beauty in ordinary things, and through your vision and expression, turn them into something extraordinary.”- Magda Wolna

“Leaving the house is the first step to capture a good street photo. the second step is to fine-tune the mind in street chaos.”- Magda Wolna

“As soon as you learn to tune into the chaos of the street, your eyes will open wide and you will never see the world as before.”- Magda Wolna

“I chose the direction of photography because there is only me and my creativity and no one has to tell me how to work.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography is an art, but not everyone accepts it. It is sad that candid street photography is limited or completely banned in many countries. Sometimes when I'm out there to take pictures, I don't feel like an artist but a criminal.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography is a very powerful means of communication; it can speak loudly without words. It can bring out all your emotions from you, can entertain, shock and delight. Photography is alive and will not die until the last man is gone.”- Magda Wolna

“Self-improvement in the art of photography will awaken in you new layers of energy that will expand your potential for unconventional thinking and then you will reach another level in your artistic work.”- Magda Wolna

“The street has accompanied me from an early age. She raised me to some extent. I now feel a strong need to document her to show her beauty for this and subsequent generations.”- Magda Wolna

“I rate my pictures very critically. Most of them will probably never see the light of day because I set the bar high. On the other hand, I have some pictures that move me and I am proud that they are mine. Such moments motivate me to leave my home and explore the streets in search of such pearls.”- Magda Wolna

“It is quite difficult to take an original photo of objects that are one of the most recognizable and most photographed in the world. However, this is possible. To achieve this, you must use your imagination and creativity.”- Magda Wolna

“The art of street photography is not about capturing everything that is visible to everyone, but about capturing subtle scenes that are invisible to most.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography is my medicine, which alleviates my pain associated with the evil of this world.”- Magda Wolna

“Be spontaneous in street photography, and all the pieces of the puzzle will come together in a split second”- Magda Wolna

“It doesn't matter which camera you use in street photography, it's important to delve into the street chaos and bring out interesting moments with your heart”- Magda Wolna

“The camera is just a tool to show the beauty of the photographer's soul.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography is the mirror of the photographer's soul.”- Magda Wolna

“Since street photography has become one of my dominant passions, I perceive the world around me as a continuous series of pictures.”- Magda Wolna

"Some people need alcohol or drugs to deal with the pain. Photography is my drug; temporarily excludes me from the brutality of this world."- Magda Wolna

“To take breathtaking pictures, you need to know where to stand.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography is both art and science. Quite often surprises with new discoveries. It can also perfectly define time, space and light. Both disciplines are close to my heart.”- Magda Wolna

“Each new day gives me another opportunity to capture the frozen scenes of fragile human existence.”- Magda Wolna

“The street has a constant momentum and is variable. Sometimes you have to do dance-like physical exercise to match the street rhythm. The dance product is a series of similar images. Some are better, some are worse. If the fit is perfect, you capture the decisive moment. “- Magda Wolna

“From my own painful experience, I have to say that sometimes in street photography there are days when you walk the streets for many hours and see many magical moments, but luck is not on your side and they disappear just before pressing the shutter. Don't give up before sunset.
During the day, a split second is enough to capture the decisive moment.”- Magda Wolna

“Panta Rhei! it's wonderful to combine philosophy and art. The beauty of photography means you can't take the same picture twice.”- Magda Wolna

“Street photography means skillfully capturing fleeting moments telling stories.”- Magda Wolna

“Photography is a magical medium. Sometimes, when I take pictures, I feel like a wizard who can conjure something out of nothing with the touch of a magic wand.”- Magda Wolna

“A good photo means one that impresses the viewer.”- Magda Wolna

“The camera lens is an extension of the photographer's vision.”- Magda Wolna

“On the one hand, the picture in street photography will capture some fragments of history that in the form of this image are visible to everyone, but on the other hand it also has its own creation history, which only the photographer saw.”- Magda Wolna

“Everyone can learn how to use the camera, but not everyone knows how to take pictures. There are two groups of photographers: those who do not know what to photograph, who do not see pictures, so they snap everything, hoping that one photo will turn out good. And also those who patiently and carefully choose moments and scenes to capture. The first are snappers, and the second are artists.”- Magda Wolna

“In photography, the most important thing is to understand how to photograph light.”- Magda Wolna

“The universal language of photography unites people from every corner of the world.”- Magda Wolna

"Each time you press the shutter button, you capture part of the history that may have been lost forever."- Magda Wolna

“Each picture is not only a reflection of reality, but also a reflection of the photographer's soul.”- Magda Wolna

“Observing people and their behavior is for me a natural form of things. Candid street photography allows me to capture these observations and share them with others.”- Magda Wolna

“Light is everything not only in photography, but also in the concept of life.”-Magda Wolna

“Street photography is a continuous journey into unknown areas of the human spectacle called life.”-Magda Wolna

“The art of observing in street photography is the basis for taking a good picture.”- Magda Wolna

“In street photography you need to be alert all the time, have eyes around your head and be prepared to press the shutter at the most unexpected moment.”-Magda Wolna

“Every shot in street photography is a torn-out part of reality.”- Magda Wolna

“A good picture in street photography stimulates the viewer's imagination and exclaims the story immortalized by the photographer.”-Magda Wolna